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Re: list of boyfriend rules

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I am in doubt if GalaxyX really meant his comment in earnest. I think it was more a tongue-in-cheek statement that derailed a little.
No, he meant exactly what he said, and has said similar and much worse things a hundred times before, just not in Miscellaneous. He's a misogynist, racist, atheist-hating atheist (or at least, he claims to be an atheist, yet all he does is rant against them), macho internet tough guy who thinks men are victims and women are out to take advantage of them at every turn.

Which is why I told him to take his act back to TNZ, which is at least opt-in, and leave it out of Misc. where it's open to everyone. But he decided to take a non sequitur parting shot about atheists to troll tsq even though no one mentioned atheists, because that's the kind of stuff he does when a woman has the gall to reject his sexist, entitled attitude.
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