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Re: Poll: boxers or briefs? (thread rating: PG-13)

^I am not sure. The German "Mischehe" can refer to both. However, since at my great-grandma's time there were hardly any foreigners in Germany, I suppose she was refering to different confessions. Like most Bavarians I have Huns and Romans among my ancestors, though. "Make love not war" is a sound concept and increases the gene pool.

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A shame the poll is discriminatory.
My appologies. When I started the poll I had no idea of the existence of boxer-briefs, but it being a multiple choice poll you can pick either both options (boxers and briefs) or chose "other" and elaborate. Just in case I'll count the boxer-brief entries so that we get an approximate number of its supporters (no pun intended).

I had to look up "going commando" as well (the really important stuff is never listed in dictionaries ). Does anyone know how that phrase was created? It seems a bit puzzling to a foreigner.
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