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Re: Suggestions for desktop computer?

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Yeah I think Microsoft is kind of desperate to show that they have bright fresh ideas. So they force people to adapt to the new style as if it was something "fresh and new".

I think Windows 9 will still push it out, but perhaps will be more lenient in others.
Exactly. I can't stand Windows 8 for that reason... the whole forcing people to use Metro. Not everyone has a touch screen computer Microsoft . They need to iron it out in that regard.
Well the problem is that they are used to being a monopoly, but the market has shifted to Apple and Android devices.

I'm typing this from my MacBook, and my phone is a Sony Xperia.

I only run Windows at home because of games (although my Mac can handle some decent games on OS X. I've been playing Bioshock Infinite at full Retina resolution with no real lag on OS X).

So Microsoft is scared of losing marketshare, and struggling to come up with something that doesn't look like they are stealing it from Apple or Google. I gotta give'em props for trying, but they should have let people switch to the old interface if they so wanted to. At work our servers are running 2008 R2, but we don't bother enabling the Aero, we just leave the classic 2000 interface, 'cause why do you need more?

I see a lot of people in the office disable the Aero in Win 7 and also use the classic interface.

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The $500 limit is about as high as I dare go, since my only credit card has a limit of $1000. I hate being poor, things were much easier when I actually had a disposable income. And thanks for the additional suggestions everyone.
Why don't you consider buying a used PC from Craigslist? Get a tech savvy guy to go with you and check out computers for sale. For $500 you could potentially get a kick ass system from a couple of years ago that will have balls to do 3D work.
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