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Re: Album Cover: The Next Generation

Oh neat, it's back!

macloudt wrote: View Post
I defy anyone to come up with a better title than yours, mari.
Indeed, that's going to be hard to top!
Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
Always a pretty fun game!

Dow Constatine: Dwell in Possibility

I like that one. I feel like it'd be something slow and relaxing.

I love "Triangular Shellfish" and "Shiftiest Dungeon"

Anyway, here is mine - I found the combination of image and album title that I got to be pretty amusing:

Track list!
  1. Invite
  2. Tinned Decisively
  3. Spookier Mayhem
  4. Nigh Semester
  5. Veteran Parakeet
  6. Monumental Punting
  7. Reciprocal Waiver
  8. Breakable
  9. Valuable Nonfiction
Good ol' random word generator.

Hmm... I think my group is instrumental electronic. The actual meaning of the name makes me think that, as well as the completely nonsensical track titles.

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