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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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This movie would have been a lot more interesting if Dougherty had at least one Starfleet ship in the area that respected his POV. One wonders whether Our Heroes would have been so willing to engage in hostilities with their own people versus a bunch of (manipulatively) ugly aliens.
Well the crew of the Starfleet ship would probably be screwed if they went along with Ru'afo and Dougherty's plan to attack the Enterprise.

Say what you will about getting into a fire fight with Picard but unprovoked attacks on the Federation flagship just to stop them from complaining to the Federation council are not likely to well received by said council, what with Picard mentioning Dougherty possibly facing a court martial for that.

indeed, yet another point about the movie that makes no sense. Dougherty outright says that he's acting on orders from the council then gets freaked out about Riker... going to contact the council. So... he's going to inform them about something they know about, and gave the orders about.
Assuming he wasn't lying his ass off about the council okaying the plan.

The fact that the script segment that was posted earlier in the thread partially cuts out the part where Picard points out Dougherty is actually hiding what's going on from the Starfleet officers working for him kind of calls that into question.

Plus the fact that normally the Enterprise wouldn't be able to contact the federation council, find out if Dougherty was lying his ass off, and then come back before the particles were harvested and the planet rendered uninhabitable. So Dougherty freaking out in a situation where the Enterprise has time to contact the bosses and still get back to an inhabitable ringed planet looks kind of suspicious especially with the whole shooting Data thing.

Then there is the federation council deciding to put a stop to it rather quickly for a large governing body considering how fast Riker got back to the planet.

And finally it's not like a crazy admiral wouldn't think the council would be suddenly okay with doing stuff like conquering a planet behind their backs.

I mean in universe this is only a few years after Admiral Layton thought all he needed to take over the federation was to depose the president and hold Earth with only having enough ships to hold the system supporting him because the other over several thousand ships their captains, the other off world admirals commanding starbases, and the 149 other federation planets would just roll over for no reason just because he has Earth.

So yeah I'm not going to believe Dougherty just because he says so.
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