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^Yes, I'm aware of the inspiration, thanks to the RangerWiki's article on the show.

EDIT: I've now caught the first four episodes of Zyuranger... and good grief, I think it's actually dumber than Mighty Morphin. Child astronauts? Seriously? And so far the Zyurangers have achieved the amazing feat of having less personality than their Power Ranger counterparts. I'd always thought that MMPR dumbed down the source material a great deal, but it actually seems fairly faithful in tone and style, albeit with less child endangerment. (Bandora's voice is actually somewhat similar to Barbara Goodson's Rita voice, and she actually does say "I have a headache" -- assuming the fansub was accurate and not borrowing from MMPR.)

It's odd that Super Sentai would go from such a sophisticated, dramatic season as Jetman -- which I gather was pretty successful -- to something clearly more child-oriented and simplified. It reminds me of the transition from RPM to Samurai.

Reiko Chiba sure is purty, though.
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