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Re: Khan's Into Darkness Appearance change finally explained

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
And when Noonien Soong turned out to be a white American in TNG...?

(IIRC, he's described as Asian in the TNG Officer's Manual, which pre-dates the decision to have Brent Spiner play most of Data's family)
I'm just glad Spiner didn't lobby to play Data's mother.
BigJake wrote: View Post
This article contains something I did not know about the name "Noonien Singh" and why it turned up in two different versions in Trek: apparently the name was a reference to a real-life friend of his named Kim Noonien Singh.

The article ultimately pulls the claim from IMDB and I don't know how credible it is, but surely this would be the place to find someone who can verify it?
Wasn't the name of Roddenberry's friend simply "Noonien Singh?"
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