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Re: Nicholas Meyer's Interpretation of Star Trek

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You haven't seen the awesomeness that is Empire Strikes Back, then.

As nitpicky as I am, being a guy who looks to make films for a living...I can't find anything wrong with that film. I'm sure there are some flaws, but they're very, very, very, very hard to pinpoint.
These people feel very differently about ESB.
Everything and everyone has their detractors.

Empire is far from a perfect film. It's my favorite of three (there are only three...since Lucas retired after Jedi... ) in terms of mood and cinematography and acting. The first is the best as a standalone film. The third...well, it's a mess.
For me, there are only two Star Wars films.

I tend to tell people, who either haven't seen the SW films or not really familiar with the franchise, to only see the 1st two: A New Hope...and Empire Strikes Back. (Of course, that's my personal recommendation).
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