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Re: Probert's REAL N.C.C.-1701-C

Isn't that more of a "statement of belief" than "proof beyond doubt"?

TBH, I think the notion of "proof" in the overly looped and retconned events of Yesterday's Ent and Redemption is a somewhat fanciful hope. The more one looks for clues in the script and dialogues, the more nits are uncovered that must either be explained away or selectively ignored. And once onscreen canon starts being disregarded, don't we lose some of the essence of the original episode? Instead we are left with a revised version only loosely connected to the original.

I'm under no illusions that YE is a mess - but by itself is a fairly self-contained time loop. Assuming a classic "our universe changes" approach; at the end the Enterprise-C is securely 19 years in the past and although we (the viewers) see Tasha boldly ride off into certain death, is it just as possible that once that ship passed through the time vortex, EVERYTHING got reset. There certainly seems to be no indication of 24 hours passing (or however long it was that Ent-C spent getting repaired), as Picard and crew are still starring at the viewscreen. It's as if no time passed at all and if that is true then all the Ent-D's and Ent-C's actions and sacrifices were cancelled out the second the Ent-C re-entered the rift; history literally was reset. YE becomes a "what if" story in the vain of DC Comics' "imaginary tales - The Death Of Superman!". Tasha Yar would have gone back in time and sacrificed herself, no doubt about that. But ultimately she didn't, because history was restored to its original form - where Tasha Yar died at Vagra II.

And then comes Redemption and a whole barrel of retcon! We are told that Tasha survived and went on to become a mother, surviving at least another 5 years in the past. Where did this Tasha Yar come from? Not our universe certainly, since the events of her personal history never happened here. She should have winked out of existence the second she left the temporal vortex, assuming she came from our universe.

It is noticeable that not one character in Redemption makes reference to alternate timelines or parallel universes, leaving Picard and the others to fill in the blanks themselves (seeming to throw further doubt on Sela's claim). Historically, the existence of parallel realities is known about to Starfleet (Mirror, Mirror). So, wouldn't this be a natural conclusion for our captain to come to? If not the Mirror Universe per se, then Sela's mother would probably originate from a similar source. From the episode Parallels:

DATA: For any event, there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcomes will follow. But there is a theory in quantum physics that all possibilities that can happen, do happen in alternate quantum realities.
Data doesn't present this theory as something newly discovered (unlike the tomographic imaging scanner in All Good Things) so there's no reason to think it wouldn't be available to Picard a couple of years prior. So despite the guilt and accusations piled upon him, I think Picard's final statement to Sela sums up his viewpoint on the whole mess nicely:

PICARD: Doubts? I'm full of them. But nothing in my experience can persuade me that what you have told me is true.
Personally, I think a little crayon here and there can clarify a complex theory nicely - at the very least, everyone gets to keep their preferred version of the Enterprise-C, what could be better than that?


OK, Tasha Yar winking out of existence is pretty appealing, but that's just my theory
Can we do the same to Sela too, she really grinds my gears!
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