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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 90: No Small Roles

Bashir, offscreen: Sigh!
Garak, offscreen: What's the matter, doctor, are the subtitles too difficult to read?
Bashir, offscreen: Not at all. It's just that this film is a bit creepy.
Garak, offscreen: My good doctor, "The Unending Occupation" is the finest example of the repetitive epic in film form.
Bashir, offscreen: Garak, it's just generations of Bajoran and half-Bajoran women being sent to labor camps where they toil, lose the men they love, until they submit to the authority of the "benevolent" camp commander.
Garak, offscreen: Stirring, isn't it. I find this young woman especially ravishing.
Bashir, offscreen: Oh, please! You're a crusty old man, and she's barely a teenager.
Garak, offscreen: Spare me your federation values.
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