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I will never upgrade to Blue Ray.
Which has absolutely zero to do with the question at hand. Especially considering the original poster already has a Blu-ray player and Blu-ray's. The question was about whether the substantial price difference between the two versions was worth it. From what I understand it isn't. But the price difference would absolutely be worth it if we were talking about upgrading to the TOS or TNG Blu-ray's.

Exactly! I have the TNG sampler BluRay, my God that's some amazing work, and that's what true remastering is. It's also the reasons why I don't buy everything I already own on bluray, since sometimes, it's only slightly better.

And like Lokai said, I have a 32" Full HD tv and Blurayplayer, so the effect won't be that amazing. Now, if it was a 40" screen, it would be a different story.
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