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Re: Robert Sawyer goes off on "Return of the Archons"

Let me say, first, that I love Sawyer's work. He is a big ST fan and always, at least almost always, works an ST reference into his novels. But he is off base on this one. "Archons" had a lot going for it. My main nitpick with it is a minor one. Kirk being surprised by "broadcasted holography" is not consistent with his coming from a technology that has the transporter which can assemble a living human being without there being a receiving device at the other end.

I was in college during TOS syndication run and it was on the local station at 7:00, I think, and we'd all get back from dinner and watch in the dorm lounge.

"YOU ARE NOT OF THE BODY" became a catchphrase in my little group.

This was a whole lot more fun than when "Last Man on Earth" was shown on the late movie and for months people would bang on your door as say, "Come out, Morgan."
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