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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 90: No Small Roles

IRA STEPHEN BEHR: I have a lock on the actress playing Ziyal.
RON MOORE: Fire. With that actress the stories we have planned for her would be far too creepy.

JAKE: Resist the urge to kick the chair over. Resist the urge to kick the chair over. Oh, screw it, it's just far too good! (Kick)

QUARK: So you're telling me, 20th century Earth is just like Ferenginar, only with FEWER regulatory laws?!

WEYOUN: I've analyzed their attack pattern. Still I can't understand how they managed to take us by surprise.
DAMAR: They attacked from above. You know space is 3d right?
FOUNDER: *sigh* "First, prepare to activate the next Weyoun clone."

SISKO: You know I watched Les Miserables last week. Russell Crowe was great.
EDDINGTON: You're dead to me.
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