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Re: TNG Caption This! #352: Time Capsule: Part 3

TFTKBL Leadhead!

Well I finally made the last payment on my Captain's yacht, and it's all mi - of course.

Babe 1: Ever have a reverse Oreo?
Babe 2: We've been looking for a real man to satisfy our voracious alien needs; preferably one skilled with - hey, are you listening to me?
Worf: A reverse Oreo. What a cunning snack!

Wesley: Sorry Mom, if there's nothing wrong with my desire to put your nursing staff in lycra skants, there must be something wrong with the universe.
Wesley: Worth a shot.

Ferengi: Hey Hoo-man! Is that a shuttle or are you on your way to a science fair with an iguana terrarium?

LAL: If these are not the beer taps, then why is beer coming out of them?
Riker: Little help!

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