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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

I watched both games and while baseball will never be anything more than a curiosity to me - and seeing the thing of beauty that is the SCG transformed in such a fashion was quite unsightly, to put it politely - I wasn't horribly bored or anything. I skipped most of the commentary (remarks like "a cricket-crazy country like Sydney" were too cringeworthy to sit through, and surely someone less of a complete dickhead than Ian Chappell could have been drafted in to provide local colour) but I'm impressed that someone took the time to learn about Yabba (the aforementioned "heckler") and pass that on to an audience probably more used to seeing my country as a series of clichés.

The cricket fan that I am, though, found it hilarious to see these blokes contorting themselves to attempt catches with the gloved hand that most cricketers would have taken without any drama at all. And it isn't as though a cricket ball is a soft, unyielding object, either.

If the experiment's repeated and it's on a channel I receive, I'd probably watch.
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