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Re: Voyager Caption Contest 119: Had a Bad Day

McNeil: Garrett, pretending to give a clarinet fellatio won't make the PTB give you any more screen time or character development--you know unless you're Jeri.

Janeway: Woo, keggers don't get any easier with age. At least I kept my shirt on this time.

EMH: I keep telling you, I'm a doctor not a gigolo, Captain.
Janeway: Centuries ago, physicians used to treat female hysteria in this way, so get to it, Doctor.

Director: Cut! You in the blue. Yes you. Tone it done for Christ's sake. You're an extra, this isn't going to be your big break.

Janeway loved to sneak up on unsuspecting subordinates, but instead of a cream pie she went with a Rokeg blood one instead.
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