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Re: TNG Caption This! #352: Time Capsule: Part 3

Picard to Bridge. What did we let Counsellor Troi pilot this time?

Troi (os): Those stealing harpies! They've been in my closet!

Crusher: Mmmm! Ohh! Ohh...yes! YES! (panting, sweating) That was amazing.
Picard (os): Beverly, hurry up, it's my shot next!

Lal: Get out of my pub, you lecherous, smug cheapskate! And if I ever catch in here again, I will rip your testicles off and ram them so far up your digestive track you will be picking pubes off of your tonsils. Is that correct, Guinan?
Guinan: That'll do, Lal. That'll do.
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