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Re: Feds Could Have Won The DW On Their Own

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This neocon fantasy ...
Better them, than the liberal lack of intelligencia.

... that the best way to be secure is to exercise facism-level military dominance over the galaxy ...
Not the galaxy, but certainly within the Federation's borders.

No, they claim to protect the Federation itself.

How is that any different than if Starfleet screws up?

Doesn't the Federation also lose "moral credibility" if it ceases to exist?

Starfleet is founded on a principle of non-aggression ...
Starfleet is the Federation's Rooseveltian "big stick." Starfleet is the organization within the Federation that breaks things and hurts people.

... and also correct not to interfere in the politics of foreign governments.
Section 31's actions to encourage the placement of a pro-Federation politician in the Romulan government was in the best interests of the Federation.

You look after your own first.

All in all, nicely said, and I agree, except for the 'big stick' comment, yes, there is that aspect, but "starfleet's mission has always been one of peace" we should never lose sight of that.
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