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DS9 Caption Contest 90: No Small Roles

Thanks to all who participated last week! Hard to pick favorites as always, but that's the job.

This is either a passably witty play on words or a butchered misspelling, take your pick.

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

T'MOE: Oh, a wise guy eh?
Triskelion wrote: View Post

Bashir: So Nog listens for the beer man, Sisko barks nonsense at sportscasters, Kira knuckles her balls, and what do I do again?
O'Brien: You explain to Worf that he can't actually kill the ump.
Bashir: Even when it's honorable?
O'Brien: Even when it's honorable.

Candlelight wrote: View Post

"He's how many months pregnant??"

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

SLOANE: Careful Doctor. You're about to ruin my unnecessarily complicated plot which relies on several unrelated things going exactly the way I expect them to in a busy place with dozens of unpredictable random elements.
BASHIR: You're alive how?
Finn wrote: View Post

Nana Visitor: (OS) Damn it! She wins. I can't believe Marc haven't noticed he doesn't have his Cardassian makeup two hours after playing the Voyager drinking game.


LeadHead wrote: View Post

Sisko: Report. Spare no details.

Bashir: Your Chief of Operations has a tummyache.

This week's theme: No Small Roles, with a concentration on minor characters! This may run short, depending on participation, because I'm playing with the idea of a special one for the start of April. We're bearing down on the 100th contest, so the countdown begins; each contest will have a focus on one character or a set. I think I'm borrowing the idea from the TNG contest.

Now, miner characters!

Okay, folks, the contest will run for at least one week.
DS9 CapCon Relaunch!
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