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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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I'm terrible at watching videos JRulez, you need to label them with enticing promises..

"Kate speaks intimately about her J/7 conversion epiphany"

That kind of thing.

I did see a fab pic on tumblr which you've probably already seen of Kate with MUCH LONGER hair, as in the same Orange hair but it's grown out a ton. But I forgot to save it and now it is lost in the tumblr waves.

I will watch some of them I promise!!
What? What! WHAT?!?!

No, I have NOT seen that photo... but I will need to start looking immediately!

The hour+ long video had great spots within that showcase not only the greatness of Kate, nut the ease with which she has seduced her younger costars. Natasha Lyonne to mention one. I loved it when she talked about being "in love" with Mulgrew, and how difficult it was to look into Kate's eyes and not immediately confess the truth of any topic they were discussing.

The spot at 52 (?) minutes when the new actress tries to discuss her role WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING spoilery has some nice comments from Kate about how much fun it was to play off Toussaint.

Speaking of season 2, there's supposedly spoilers here, so read at your own risk.

Sound bites masquerading as interviews are so disappointing.

Can you GUESS which actress tends to stay in character 24 x 7?

There's a CHICKEN in that Nebula!!!
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