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Re: Rate the Characters/Actors

1. Torres
2. Tuvok
3. Kes
4. Janeway (when written properly)
5. Paris (fairly inoffensive for the most part)
6. Seven (Deus Ex Machina with boobs, S4-7 were too Seven heavy at the cost of most of the other characters, she only makes it to 6th place because of the moments when Jeri Ryan shows she's more than just a fanwank catsuit)
7. Chakotay (so much more could've been done with him, shame Robert Beltram couldn't be bothered with it after a while)
8. EMH (hammy, egotistical, smart-assed light bulb, he was far more interesting when he was restricted to sickbay)
9. Kim (could've been so much better, but trying to draw out the inexperienced ensign on the crew for seven years was just dull)
10. Neelix (just grating from start to finish, should've been axed when his role as 'guide' came to an end)
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