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Re: Probert's REAL N.C.C.-1701-C

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Sometimes the Doylist interpretation (link) really is the easiest way to look at things.
Thanks for that, I was not aware of those labels! I now know to call myself a Watsonian (mostly)

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And pretty much what that boils down to, is that people have to take some things with a grain of salt. It's fine to speculate and create our "what-ifs", but it's certainly nothing for people to get bent out of shape over.
I absolutely concur, getting bent out of shape on either side of a debate detracts from what should be the main focus - a fun exchange of ideas and opinions. Star Trek is a TV series and as such is awash with costuming mistakes, continuity errors, SFX gaffs, changed premises, changes in casting and so on. Some of these issues are large, some small and every viewer has their own idea of which are the "important" ones.

Geordi's wardrobe mistake never bothered me, but it can be fun to speculate and I enjoyed reading the "close enough timeline" theory above.

Guinan's grilling of Picard about actions he never experienced and blaming him for the whole mess seems wrong to me and I'm happy to read or contribute to theories behind that as well.

But what I like the best is that it's all speculation based on canon, which itself is open to interpretation. How on earth could anyone get bent out of shape over that?

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Re: Cochrane... One thing was a constant between the two actors. They both confirmed Cochrane was butt ugly.
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