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Re: Possible Kronos One study model

I knew I recognized this ship. I have a copy of it from Jon A. Bell's book 3D studio Max. Creating Hollywood-style Special effects. I'll have to break it out if I get the chance.

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Just wanted to direct your attention to a thread I just started in the Movies forum:

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I haven't seen these pictures anywhere before so.....

I happened to be looking at John Eaves' facebook page, and on one of his March 13th entries he posted some detail pictures of the Kronos One model. A person named Jon A. Bell replied with several pictures that he says was a study model built by Bill George as a possibility for the Klingon ambassador's ship, until it was decided just to refurbish the TMP model.

Does anyone else have any clue as to how true this may be? It's an interesting looking model, regardless.

Here's the pics:

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