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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

I would love to see Old Man Logan used as the source material for The Wolverine 2 or Wolverine 3 or whatever you wanna call it. It is probably fairly unlikely, though.

Hugh Jackman himself has even admitted that he can't keep on playing this character forever. I think he mentioned the work out regimen to get into shape as Wolverine is getting tiresome as he gets older. I know he loves playing this character, but he expressed doubt about returning for another solo movie, so I think his time is close to being done playing the character.

I can see this next solo Wolverine project being the last time he'll play the character. If Fox is smart, they will promote it as such to boost box office sales. WB was smart to play up the fact that The Dark Knight Rises was Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie even though we're going to see Batman again in 2016.
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