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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Also Pokemon x! And Minecraft.
Cool, how far are you in it? I've beaten the Elite 4 and am now just shiny hunting and doing random stuff... and waiting until I can get Final Fantasy X and X-2 for my Vita. Can't wait to start playing them...
I completed it, then started again for no good reason. I just didn't want to play a female toon after all :P But it's all good. This time I caaught a female Pikachu with a lightball! My goal in the game is to get the camel pokemon Numel.. So I have started playing Pokemon Heartgold to get one.. then I will have to trade it to myself. Silly game. Other than that I mostly play Zelda on the DS.
Nice. On both accounts, enjoy them and with Heartgold, play it quickly, so you can still access the GTS. Nintendo will be shutting down the servers in May . Nah it's not silly, it's practical . No worry that someone will steal your Pokémon. Sweet. What Zelda game are you playing? Been playing A Link Between Worlds lately myself.

Edit: Just found my copy of Heartgold and am doing a little training tonight, before switching over and playing some Animal Crossing.
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