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Re: Season 3 is a great season

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"A Piece Of The Action" is a genuine oddball because at its heart could well be a very daring story, but it's dressed up in such a way it is very easy to miss. On the surface it's "the gangster planet," a thoroughly absurd concept. What makes it even more absurd is that these are spoofed gangsters and not the more realistically dangerous variety. But what is easy to overlook is how this society is based all an a book. And look how enshrined "The Book" is. "The Book" is essentially the society's Holy Bible. The Iotians based their entire society on a book without even understanding its context. They took it as "truth" in entirety without questioning it in any way.
I've wondered what the Iotian baseline-culture was truly like. You couldn't even judge where their technological levels were at, though they must've been wizards to be able to duplicate automobiles, weapons, etc. of a distant and unknown culture. Maybe they were energy beings similar to Organians? The Shore Leave planet was a playtime paradise for an advanced race, after all.

At the very least, the Iotians may simply have been a people who had no patent laws, and no notion of intellectual property rights whatsoever, Hence, imitation would be the order of the day.
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