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I took this one last fall and thought it might look good in black and white. I'm really still trying to get a handle on how to execute black and white.
Black and white really benefits from really strong contrast (that photo is honestly an excellent example). When I was shooting on film (2002 - 2010), I made sure to shoot exclusively on ASA 400 B&W film, which was just fast enough and allowed a little bit of grain. My Rebel T2i isn't great at capturing B&W, but my one pointer with digital B&W is to always slightly under-expose.

Timby, I'm sorry to hear about your 50mm lens! I have the same one and would feel lost without it. Are you still able to use it? Which lens did you use for the pine needles?
No, the lens is a loss -- the focus is completely broken. I called my local camera shop and they quoted at least $120 to repair it, and I can get a new one for $99 on Amazon, which is a no-brainer. The pine needles were captured with an old 28-90mm lens I've had for more than ten years (it beats the tar out of the 18-55mm kit lens that came with my Rebel T2i).
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