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Poll: boxers or briefs? (thread rating: PG-13)

Confession time!
We particularly encourage all staff members to participate in this poll since we have our suspicions about the reason for their type of lounge being labeled "The Briefing Room"

Both boxers and briefs have their pros and cons. For example:

+ easy access, roomy, hiding everything
- risk of things slipping out through the legs, uncomfortable folds when wearing them under tight trousers

+ support, proper fit under tight jeans
- chafing, showing off contents pretty plainly (which may also count as an advantage, depending on your age, gender, religion and general pov)

Since nowadays there are quite a few females who like to wear boxers, there are no gender-based restrictions. Everyone is free to vote and comment.
The poll is multiple choice, in case you like variety.

*** *** *** *** ***
Disclaimer / caveat:

I'm aware that this is a highly sensitive topic (no pun intended) but I have confidence (well, ok, I strongly hope) that with this board's mature clientele (who am I kidding?) it should be possible to lead a matter-of-fact discussion like grown-ups and not like pubescent teenagers.

Please keep the discussion in a G to PG-13 range, respect different opinions (after all we have different anatomies and therefore different preferences) and kindly refrain from bragging.
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