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Re: Seth Macfarlane Should Helm the Next Trek Series

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This notion has crossed my mind a lot lately. I'm not sure if he should "head" a new Trek series but he does seem to have some pull in the Trek world these days and might make a decent producer. He interviewed the writers for the TNG season 3 Blu-ray, appeared on the commentary for "Cause and Effect" for no real reason other than being a big fan (albeit he did seem to know more than Braga did). He's good friends with many of the Trek actors. His ability to help re-launch Cosmos has only cemented my opinion that this might be the guy to pull off a new series. I don't think a being a "fan" is necessarily a bad thing as long as he has business sense, influence with TPTB and clout with writers and producers.
This, a thousand times this. Thank you.
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