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Re: Feds Could Have Won The DW On Their Own

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[...]The Dominion War consumed untold lives, I am hard-pressed to believe that Starfleet would place armistice integrity over the lives of their dedicated conscripts...
The prime directive, treaties, etc - The federation puts quite a few things above the lives of starfleet personnel - and even its own security.
As for technology - The federation views quite a few technologies as forbidden, 'immoral' because having/using them would be 'playing god' - ranging from genetic engineering to the transportation technology of the 'demons of air and darkness'.
This is the level of discourse that I was hoping for. I will cite an example from 'conundrum', the TNG episode where a Sattarran was able to wipe the ent-d crew's memories. For a time, he was able to convince a morally superior starfleet crew manning the flagship to commit genocide, despite the obvious military superiority. I believe that it is simply poor governance that hinders the federation, and by extension, starfleet from effectively achieveing their goals, which are essentially divine, when compared to everyone else in the Milky Way, circa 24th century.

Why do your race and society a disservice by restricting your ability to survive and protect yourselves in a clear wartime situation, but revert to humanitarian ideal when no one thretaens your borders. I dont see the problem. As long is the line between diplomacy and military conquest remains clear.
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