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Re: list of boyfriend rules

now, seriousely: people who put their kid into such a T-shirt ought to be taken away the custody for their children. They ridicule the kid plus send a completely wrong message about sex. A 100% parental fail.

belated congrats, J. Allen I trust you haven't eaten any sauerkraut yet? (over here a belated congrats counts as still being in time, as long as the person hasn't eaten kraut)

As for other German customs: yes, skinny dipping in the North Sea or in fact in any lake, river or major waterbody is considered quite normal here. In Summer, you can see people sunning themselves during their lunch break in every park. Topless is considered totally acceptable for both genders, bottomless depends on your taste (and on whether there are ants in the lawn). The English Garden in Munich is rather famous with tourists for the sightseeing opportunities in the word's boldest meaning.

Just for the record: while I join the skinny dipping and sunbathing I never kiss at a first date. Nor on the 2nd or 3rd. I kiss a person only if and when I am deeply and honestly in love with him (or her, for that matter) and falling in love is a process that takes time. (To prevent any misunderstandings please note that I make a difference between love and having a crush on someone or finding a person sexually attractive or being in the mood for a one night stand.)

It's a wide shot but I suspect it may have something to do with age. The older you get, the more you focus your definition of love. It's no longer the hot all-consuming flare you experience when you are young. It gets something very calm and immeasurably deep, like a huge lake or like a velvety sky in a warm summer night. It takes decades till you find it but once you found it you'll never look back and you'll just smile at what you used to think was love.
I think that is what Sector 7 meant. He was among the few who were given the grace to spend some time with their soul mate. Not everyone is so lucky but I sincerely hope all of you will at one time in your life experience it. It'll change your views forever.
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