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Re: Khan's Into Darkness Appearance change finally explained

thumbtack wrote: View Post
Reasonably equivalent standards should be applied to both universes if one hopes to avoid the appropriate appellation.
Well, going by this I suppose I can trust you to know about "pompous abuse of the English language." But desperate attempts to pretend equivalence where none exists should be called out for what they are. "Ricardo Montalban was white* so what's the big deal" and "they totes rewrote Khan in TWOK*" are perfect examples of this.

* On account of he wasn't, and they didn't (CommishSleer has it right about the latter), and those are sort of problems for claiming that he was and they did.

I'll continue to tailgun the continuity wherever I encounter continuity based bias.
And presumably you'll continue to completely miss the mark in doing so, and continue wondering why your arguments fail to impress.
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