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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

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I would have greatly preferred nothing. No comic follow up whatsoever.

Why? Because then the fans would be in a more agreeable position to say to the showrunners at Rebels/Star Wars nu-film spin offs, etc: "Hey, do you think maybe at some point you could fix the gigantic error in judgment you made about bringing back a character from the dead (widely contemptuous among the fan base) only to leave the storyline hanging post-cancellation?"
Well, the existence of a print adaptation of an untold story does not preclude a screen adaptation later on. Case in point: when FOX reluctantly cancelled Alien Nation for business reasons, they worked with the producers for years to find a way to bring the show back, developing scripts for several TV movies. After a few years, it looked like the movies would never happen and they were adapted as novels by Pocket Books. But just a year or so later, the TV movies went ahead anyway.

The thing that needs to be remembered is that books or comics based on a screen franchise will generally be read by only about 1 to 2% of the screen audience, because, sadly, most people don't read. Hardly any of the Star Wars viewing audience will even be aware this comic exists at all, so its existence would have no impact on the prospects of the same story being adapted or reinvented for the screen. It's the same reason all the rhetoric about the books and comics being canon was never meaningful -- they were never a large enough piece of the pie for the screen productions to be limited or impeded by them in any way.

Isn't it basically the same writing/production team? Seems like their mess to fix.
But they're answering to different masters. They don't have 100 percent creative control. When new people -- in this case, the Disney TV executives -- take over a project, they want to make their own mark and establish their own creations, rather than just carrying forward what their predecessors did.

If Rebels goes on long enough, then maybe it will get around to revisiting threads from TCW like Ahsoka and Maul. But for now, the people involved are more concerned with establishing it as its own show, asserting its own identity.

Maul was the main villain of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This isn't some random pirate or space thug, or one-off character without a name for the film version. It's. Freakin'. MAUL.
I don't recall him being anything more than a nearly-mute henchman for Sidious/Palpatine. He had a distinctive look and did a bunch of fighting, but he was basically no different from Odd Job or Jaws in a James Bond movie. He never actually had a personality until TCW.

But then, it's hard to understand the fascinations of SW fans sometimes. Boba Fett was just some bit player in a mask, yet somehow fandom became intensely fascinated by him at a point when he was nothing more than an action figure and a supporting character in The Star Wars Holiday Special.
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