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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

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Yeah, opting to conclude the Maul arc in the comics was a weak decision.
Which presupposes that they had a choice. I assume the episodes we got are ones they already had mostly completed at the point of cancellation, while the Maul one was in an earlier stage and thus actually animating it would've required money, time, and resources they just weren't given. So it was either a comic or nothing.
I would have greatly preferred nothing. No comic follow up whatsoever.

Why? Because then the fans would be in a more agreeable position to say to the showrunners at Rebels/Star Wars nu-film spin offs, etc: "Hey, do you think maybe at some point you could fix the gigantic error in judgment you made about bringing back a character from the dead (widely contemptuous among the fan base) only to leave the storyline hanging post-cancellation?"

Isn't it basically the same writing/production team? Seems like their mess to fix. On screen, not on paper. They did everything right (the stories were great) except for leaving the biggest loose end untied. Maul was the main villain of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This isn't some random pirate or space thug, or one-off character without a name for the film version. It's. Freakin'. MAUL. His fate should be revealed on screen, as was his resurrection.

I know they don't have any obligation to the fans but, like I said, as fans the bargaining position is far greater sans comic conclusion.

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They should leave the timey-wimey stuff to Doctor Who.
I couldn't agree more... the linear representation of the Star Wars universe is a welcome contrast to the rest of current, past and future sci fi offerings.
A time-traveling ghost would be interesting enough as its own story anyway!
Fans need to stop crying about loose ends. The Lost producers had some great comments on the topic at the recent 10 year anniversary event.
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