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Writing Challenge, Spring 2014 - Strange New Worlds

A win by default is still a win, lol.

Seriously though, there are many great writers here, itíd be a shame not to push them to try something new and different, so I hope we donít lose this challenge.

Now then: Strange New Worlds.

This is going to be the TrekBBS version of Myriad Universe. Youíre challenge is to throw Trek (and also other sci-fi if you so desire) into a blender and see what you can make out of it, explore what alternative universes are out there and how life has been changed and altered forever. This throws it wide open for you to be as inventive and outlandish as you want, so please, feel free to go crazy!

What if itíd been Captain Jane Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise? What if Commander Chakotay had been given command of Deep Space 9? What if the Genesis Project had been a success? What if itíd been Remus that had exploded in TUC? What would Picard be like as a Jedi Master with Wesley as his Padawan? What if the Hansenís hadnít been assimilated? What if Guinan was a Timelord?

Have fun with it and see where things go.

The Rules:
- Word limit: 20,000--a little wiggle room is granted though, just donít push it
- Story must be original for this monthís challenge, nothing posted here before please
- The Trek source can be either canon or your own creation
- Only complete stories will be eligible; finishing the story before posting it is a good idea
- Post a link to your entry in this thread when youíre done
- Contest will run until midnight (GMT) May 31st 2014, with voting to run from June 1st to June 6th

Any questions or queries, send me a PM or post it here.

Good luck and have fun.
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