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Re: Krenim vs. Dept. of Temporal Investigations

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So Annorax reset the timeline, trying to find his way “back” to his original timeline.

Is this similar to what Chakotay/Kim do? The difference being that Chakotay/Kim are intentionally resetting to just before a specific and localized event and, except for everything that happens to/because of the Voyager crew, nothing changes in the rest of the galaxy

How can one objectively say that? Your caveat "because of the Voyager crew" covers a wide swath of possibilities, from the potential of a missed encounter that the ship didn't make because of the distance they covered in their rejiggered jump to the unknowable impact that their awareness of the actions of their future benefactors might engender.

Needless to say, Chakotay and Hardass Kim weren't concerned, but there are any number of ways that they might have wrought less than salutary effects on a large

Thinking of this in terms of being a precursor to Admiral Janeway's strategem in Endgame, might one say that Harry actually made his mark by at least encouraging her to move forward with her plan by virtue of his example? Assuming that the events even occured that way in her timeline. Of course we all know that Janeway hardly needs any outside impetus to steam unalterably forward if she is convicted of the rectitude of her ideas!!
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