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ENT Desert Crossing/Vulcan Neuropressure Therapy/Unusual Pets

Last time on Star Trek Enterprise....

od0_ital wrote: View Post

Alright, time to call it...

For our episode contest, we have a tie of seven votes each for -

Avro Arrow

- and -


I'll let you two sort out how to run the next contest.

Orac came in second with six votes.

For our "Family" theme, our winner with seven votes -


jespah came in second with six votes.

And for our "Fat Bottomed Girls" random theme, our winner with seven votes -


Avro Arrow, jespah and od0_ital (aka me) all tied for second with five votes each.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks for playin' along, everyone.

Orac wrote: View Post
The new ENT theme shall be: Vulcan Neuropressure Therapy.
JiNX-01 wrote: View Post
Random Theme: Unusual pets.

My apologies, I'm such a n00b, I wasn't aware that I had to post the next contest up, so many thanks to Orac, who enlightened me. Thanks to every one who entered the previous contest and best of luck in this one.

For the episode and thanks to Avro for letting me pick, after we drew. I've chosen Desert Crossings, starring [s]The Kurgan[/s] Clancy Brown. Not a great episode and this time, no draws, their can be only one......winner.

Orac won the right to chose the Enterprise theme and went with Vulcan Neuropressure Therapy. After selecting Fat Bottom Girls last time, I hope I'm not getting the wrong impression of Orac.

JiNX-01 secured the rights to pick the random theme and has gone with Unusual Pets.

All entries need to conform to board rules - up to 150x150 and 140KB if animated.

Entries will be accepted from now 'til Thursday - ish night.

Best of luck y'all.

If I've done this wrong, let me now ASAP and I will try to amend my ineptitude.
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