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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I finally got around reading this over the last week. I'm a little disappointed with the return of Janeway. I personally like the Eden character a lot more and was getting used to her in charge. For some reason the Chakotay/Janeway shipper relationship seems out of place and often "forced". I don't reject it totally as it made for compelling reading in the previous novels as Chakotay tries to deal with his grief and move on but in some ways Janeway's return almost negates all that Chakotay went through. I should add I'm not a big fan of hitting the reset button and I don't think reset can get any more obvious than this.
I think what Protectors does with the Chakotay/Janeway relationship will make you a lot happier than you might expect, based on the ending of Eternal Tide. Give this all a second chance to settle before you make up your mind...
Well also maybe read what author Ms. Beyer fairly recently wrote about the J/C relationship (on 3/1/14 in the Protectors Review thread in this forum) before perhaps thinking what happens in Protectors is the last word (for good or ill) on that subject, just fyi. PS link to page noted writings are on:

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