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Re: Suggestions for desktop computer?

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Melakon, how comfortable would you be building your own machine? I did that, and while I spent a ton of cash, it was far superior to anything in the same price range that was pre-built.

I was able to pick & choose what brand parts I wanted. You could still do it on a budget, maybe reuse your current case and other components that are still good.

Then you can buy a full license of Win7 and set it up exactly how you want.
I'm too blind these days to do anything like that myself. If I drop one of those little screws in a case, I will not find it. About 15 years ago I had a friend who built machines for me a few times, but he moved away.

So I tend to prefer buying from brick and mortar stores, because I can then examine the product in person instead of looking at a photo. It costs more that way, but I'm paying for the convenience and having a salesperson present to answer questions.
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