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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

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I was reminded of one of the reasons I gave up watching Agents of Shield tonight too. With Maslany, she's attractive, but she's written so well that it almost does come across as empowering (And Orange is the New Black had this too) for woman in the lead role, something TV needs more of. With AOS, I was distracted by Sky, as she was attractive but the actress wasn't all that great in the first place (And I stopped after the 3rd episode so I don't know if it got better).
Forget the writing, it is Mazlany's towering perfomances that have made this show.

Comparing Tatiana's performances with Chloe Bennett's on AoS is really unfair to Bennett. She is not even close to the acting ballpark in which Mazlany plays. Bennett is not even in the parking lot. And as snarky as that may sound, it's not really a knock on Chloe. That is how much I think of Mazlany as an actor.
I think I was a little unfair to Bennett, but I remember my reaction to seeing her in those first three episodes was because the show needed an attractive young female actress. I was thinking a lot about the various procedural that CBS has and how distracting it is when the actresses are only there because of how they look. That was the same vibe I got for AOS, and it really wasn't the actress's fault. It is very much the writing that helps that acting along.

One thing is for sure, being in a show like this gives you some amazing job security. I was thinking earlier today that in Season 2 the writers might kill off one or a few of the clones, and I'm almost afraid the unlucky one will be Cosima. Still, if they do kill off Cosima (Which will suck), it's not like Maslany is out of a job. She just has 3 more roles, that we know of, instead of 4.


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