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Kira giving birth

Season 5 Episode 12

Kira gives birth to baby O'Brian. I get that Bajorian customs are for the women to be totally relaxed to help with the birthing process, but right as shes giving birth, that kid just slid right out of there! She was even smiling! And she didnt have any drugs? And did you see the size of that kid???

So, without drugs, just being totally relaxed, and she just let that kid come out without any fuss it looked like.
Now Im no Doctor but I would think it would have caused a little more discomfort then it showed.
Ladies, amirite?

I know that for filming and time restraints Im sure it couldnt have been totally accurate, but still, you think it would have been a bit more then how they portrayed it.

Or, if that really is how Bajorian women give birth... my hats off to them. Good work!
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