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Re: Do you think LotR holds up?

DonIago wrote: View Post
I'm now thinking how hilarious it might have been if DS9 had gone on for a season after the Dominion war and the show was consequently accused of having "too many endings".
Ironic to mention this, given the DS9/B5 arguments back in the day, but Babylon 5 pretty much has exactly the problem you describe hypothetically for DS9. I know some people enjoy its last season, but I was never that fond of it. It seemed tacked on.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
The only real CG thing that I think looks kinda crappy now is when Legolas is taking down the giant Elephant in "Return of the King." The way he slides off its trunk just looks ridiculous now.
Come on, that CGI looked extremely ropey back in the day too.

Overall though, yes there is some rough-looking CGI, and yes some of the performances are a bit shaky. But they remain an enjoyable movie series. I like FOTR best for its atmosphere and tone, while TTT has serious pacing issues (I skip most of the middle third of the film). ROTK is good, but demands serious patience due to its length, so I rarely rewatch it. But all these problems were present at the time so it's not really a question of "holding up" or not.
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