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Re: "Latent Image" and tthe Doctor's breakdown

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^ Are you suggesting that the EMH should have let Jetal live on the pretext that, as a possible mother, she could have mothered babies who would increase the crew's gene pool?

I suppose a computer program would have considered that, but the point of the whole mission is simply to get home again. And there are plenty of other female crewmembers who could have filled this role. There's no danger of Voyager's crew not having a valid gene pool simply because of Jetal's death.
All things being equal, that's even less reason to consider Harry. Plenty of male crew could replace him, and even a vial of his own stuff could be harvested and still get the job done, ladies.

Had they been given the choice themselves, I bet Harry would have won the argument and have self-sacrificed, and I bet Jetal would have let him. Just opinion.
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