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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I finally got around reading this over the last week. I'm a little disappointed with the return of Janeway. I personally like the Eden character a lot more and was getting used to her in charge. For some reason the Chakotay/Janeway shipper relationship seems out of place and often "forced". I don't reject it totally as it made for compelling reading in the previous novels as Chakotay tries to deal with his grief and move on but in some ways Janeway's return almost negates all that Chakotay went through. I should add I'm not a big fan of hitting the reset button and I don't think reset can get any more obvious than this.

I must add that I have found Kirsten Beyer to be an excellent writer. Her style of prose really appeals to me and for the most part she captures the voices of the various characters quite well. I'm taking a break to read Greg Cox's new book (No Time Like The Past) and then will come back to Voyager and read Protectors. I really would love to see what Kirsten could do with The Next Generation or the Titan series. I hope that maybe after she finishes the trilogy Pocket Books would allow her to explore other areas of the Trek universe. If she's doomed to write Voyager for the rest of her Trek career she still will have a faithful reader in me as she writes some of the best Trek books ever written in my opinion even if they are Voyager (my least favorite TV series btw).

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