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Re: Have Any Tips for Fixing a Few Things w/ My Car?

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OEM could mean they got it from the manufacturer directly, that they bought it from the place where the manufacturer bought it (and it is made to manufacturer specs), or that they bought the old dies and presses from Hyundai and are manufacturing the part for the replacement part market.

With a 10yo car, it could also be that they bought a bunch of NOS (New Old Stock) parts from Hyundai at a cheap price too.
This is correct. The car maker has parts made at many different factories, to their specs. Those handles get made at a factory that does plastic parts, probably for many different car brands.

That factory can (usually) also sell to parts stores (if those stores want to carry OEM parts as opposed to the generic crap we usually see) and online parts dealers.

The trim piece I bought for my Jeep had the Mopar stamp and was an exact fit & color match. The color match can be a problem because a 10 year old car's parts, even the interior ones, will have faded somewhat due to sunlight and age.
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