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J. Allen wrote: View Post
180,000 miles and it looks that good? You take care of your vehicle!
Thanks J, that picture is from when it was brand new but the only chips and scratches I have are inside the bed. What can I say, it's a truck and gets used as one.

Sector 7 wrote: View Post
Nice ride, GA! I tend to take care of my vehicles and hold onto them. My Ford Ranger is going to be sold to my friend's son. I am currently looking for another vehicle. So far, I like the Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain. They are built on the same platform.
Thank you, I park as far out in the parking lots as possible and try to take care of it. I do all my own maintenance and only use the best oil and parts.

An Officer wrote: View Post
On looks alone, the GMC looks more badass, imho! No idea about the interiors and all that though...
GMC has better styling than the equal Chevy models, they do however cost 5 to 6 thousand more than the same Chevy too.
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