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Re: Have Any Tips for Fixing a Few Things w/ My Car?

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3M makes a spray adhesive specifically for car trim that works pretty well, just make sure the surfaces are clean, follow the directions and mask off surfaces for overspray.

Is it an Elantra?
Yup!! Good eye! I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra. I've seen plenty of door handles on-line, but it is the color issue that make me want to get it at a dealer. Someone above said that if I buy the door handle on-line, I need to make sure it is OEM. Does that just mean that the sealer got the car part used from a junk yard or do you think they realistically bought it from the real car manufacturer (in my case Hyundai)??

I'll look into the 3M spray adhesive! Is this it?? The description says it is used to attach upholstery cloth to paint or bare metal. However, the part of the door that the car trim is attached to isn't metal: it's more like a thick plastic.
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