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Re: Krenim vs. Dept. of Temporal Investigations

Remember the feast Annorax made for Chuckles of all the cultures he had annihilated forever?

They were all gone for good.

Annorax doesn't time travel, well obviously he can time travel since he's been hammering at the same single year for 200 years, or his wife would have died of old age a 17 decades earlier if he had brought her back from non-existence shortly after they first used the weapon, when he is parked outside of time, then logically he should be able to enter back into time at whichever spot in future/history he feels like it, but Red chooses not to change time like that with his hands, moving shit around, when he can extract planets from time, and besides, he can't bring his wife back with regular time travel like that, because the weapon he's been using has been changing the shape of the universe 15 billion years back unto it's creation by GOD, and he can't get behind that just using his hands.

This episode was so poorly thought out that Annorax didn't even try to get behind Janeway to stop her getting temporal shields, even though temporal shields are "paradox proof" in so that it doesn't matter if she never got the shields, her continuity was fixed and unwavering as long as those shields held, but he could still attack her over and over again a minute after she got those shields from a thousand vectors.

Every time Annorax used the weapon, Janeway and her Voyager SMASHED into Janeway and Voyager that should have been in the new universe being recreated around them, and destroyed the indigenous Voyager and Janeway... You don't think that's awful? Well it's conceivably okay that one Janeway supersedes another, and one Janeway is as good as another, but what about the other 130 crewmen who are suddenly in space wondering what the hell happened to their ship because although there can only be one Voyager, it doesn't always enter into the new universe spacially where the native Voyager should be according to it's personal timeline.

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