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Re: Krenim vs. Dept. of Temporal Investigations

So Annorax reset the timeline, trying to find his way “back” to his original timeline.

Is this similar to what Chakotay/Kim do? The difference being that Chakotay/Kim are intentionally resetting to just before a specific and localized event and, except for everything that happens to/because of the Voyager crew, nothing changes in the rest of the galaxy--unlike Annorax’s wiping out entire civilizations.

Here’s my main questions, though: When Annorax screws up and wipes out a civilization, then tries again, does that civilization come back? If he comes back to a point in time “after” he’s wiped out that civilization, I’m assuming “no.” What if he goes back to the same instant (blink in, blink out?) or a split second earlier?
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