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Have Any Tips for Fixing a Few Things w/ My Car?

I have a car that is over 10 years old that I’m trying to nurse along. There are a number of cosmetic problems with my car, but it still runs well and has less than 65,000 miles. This past year the interior door fabric has been coming loose on each of my doors. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix it? Should I just super glue the edges and try to tuck the fabric back in the door? Look at the pic below of the driver side interior:

Also, today when I was getting out of my car the interior door handle broke off! I was going to buy the part and try to replace it myself (I saw a Youtube video that made the repair look pretty easy). I know that I can buy the part on-line… does anyone recommend any particular on-line store? There are so many! Part of me is afraid that they will sell me a handle that doesn’t perfectly match the interior and I have been thinking about just buying the part from the dealership (though I know it will be a lot more expensive).

My questions probably have obvious answers, but I was interested to learn if you guys ever fixed any similar things with your car.
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